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Panama Coffee Beans

“If I could describe the scent of my country, I would say it’s a mix between firewood and home-made coffee”

For as long as one could remember, coffee has been embedded in the Panamanian culture, a common passion for all people. Drinking coffee harvested in local farms is part of who we are.

In recent years Panamanian coffee evolved to become the best in the world. The country has been blessed with incredible lands and microclimates that provide optimal conditions for coffee development. The hard work and innovation done by local farmers has been key to raise the quality of our coffee.This incredible achievement has brought joy to the hearts of all Panamanians, and fills our hearts with pride every time our country is elevated.Today, Jan and I are paying honor to the Panamanian culture, people, and terroir, by offering you a high-end coffee from the blessed lands of Panama, freshly roasted in France by us. 

We can’t wait for you to experience the Panama Coffee Beans. 

Our Team.

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