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Producer:  Santos Café


The Lezcano family has a rich coffee heritage spanning 5 generations, dating back to 1947.

On La Mimada farm they grow Pacamara (80%), Bourbon, and Geisha varieties at higher altitudes, where temperatures can dip below 13ºC. The coffee is carefully handpicked and shade-grown to optimize sweetness and brightness.

They process all beans from La Mimada in african beds, under the sun with a slow dry that takes 20 to 28 days. Process varies from Wash, Honey, Natural and extended fermentation.



18,00 €Prix
TVA Incluse
  • The Yellow Bourbon variety is known for its sweetness, complexity, and depth of flavor. With its meticulous cultivation and natural processing techniques, Bourbon Yellow Natural coffee delivers a bold and complex taste experience, featuring the sweet, fruity flavors of cherry and prune, beautifully balanced by the rich, buttery tones of caramel.



    Altitude: 1400 M

    Notes: Cherry - Caramel - Prune

    Brewing Method: V60, Chemex, French Press

    Weight: 200 gr

    Form: Grains

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